New blog

July 13, 2011

I’ll now be posting at http://xtheline.wordpress.com. Thanks.


258 days later

July 11, 2010

While I hadn’t been running for very long (2 and a half years up until I stopped in October) it was something I loved more than any other hobby or sport I’ve picked up and, as any runner knows, it becomes a bit of an addiction. Running did great things for me, not just better fitness levels but it got me enthusiastic about keeping fit and staying healthy, it helped me with my asthma, gave me time to myself, time to think, and was a constant in my life during university, moving house, being unemployed and everything else I’ve been up to.

I don’t think I realised how much I depended on it until I stopped. Frustration and excess energy to start with (as anyone that’s ever had a running injury knows), then anger and more frustration because running used to be the best way to deal with frustration. That vague hope and longing every time I drove past a runner in the street, and reading on other blogs how far people have come in the amount of time I’ve not been running and wondering how far I could manage should I make a miraculous recovery tomorrow.

The running world was an island and I was drifting out to sea. My first thought on a nice evening was still “good time for a run” but I’d lost the urge to lace up my trainers and go.

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Catch up…of sorts

February 19, 2010

So it’s been a while! To sum up the last 2 months we had Christmas, I had my 25th birthday, I got a job offer, New Year, and… that’s about it actually.

On the sports side of things I had my first external archery competition of the year – a 25m FITA – on the 3rd January. I shot 517, got a PB, placed 4th overall, and won the C classification medal. A good start to the year. I’ve also shot 2 postal league Portsmouth rounds, and a club competition with another one next week. Things are going well and I’m looking forward to the outdoor season.

His name is Jensen

New basketball chair

SCA played Leicester Cobras on the 17th Jan and lost 52-14. By the time I went on court for the second quarter we were already down about 18 points but it was still good fun, and getting the buzzer shot at the end of the game made my day :-) We played Rhinos on the 31st and lost 33-34 in an exceptionally close game. Unfortunately I only got to play for 3 minutes but such is the game. We play Phoenix Flyers on Sunday, which is my first game in my new chair (see the pic!), which I’m very much looking forward to.

Still no running unfortunately. The problem with my feet has gotten a lot worse and, despite seeing numerous doctors, I’m still no closer to finding out what’s wrong with them. With only 101 days until my next paid-for race I’m wondering whether I’m going to be able to run the distance (or at all) or whether I should be trying to get my money back while I still can.

In the mean time I’ve been rather slack in my gyming and it was only when I got weighed at the hospital in December that I realised how much I’d put on. I did a few cardio sessions in January but we don’t have any cardio equipment that doesn’t involve using your feet so that was pretty short lived. I did a bit of swimming as well but trying to do lengths with no roped-off lanes made it all rather difficult. I’ve now got into a routine of a shorter cardio session followed by weights that I’m sticking to, so hopefully I’ll be back under the 11 stone mark soon enough.

I shall post again in a few months, or whenever I find out if I’ll be running again. Thanks for visiting.


Blogging Break

December 16, 2009

For me, running has been about The Run as much as it is about keeping fit. Going to the gym was mostly about using the treadmill and any cross training or resistance work was done to help with running (or, more recently, archery and basketball). Once running is taken out of the equation, we’re left with a support system for something that no longer exists. I know that going to the gym is good for me but the motivation is gone.

My most recent run was the 3km (and then another 2km) I managed last Friday. Seeing as how I should be able to rack up the miles with an empty gym and plenty of free time, having to stop after 20 minutes is extremely frustrating. Where I used to feel better after a run, regardless of how long it was, I now just get annoyed.

A lack of running isn’t really conducive to a running blog, and so I’ve decided to take a break while I sort myself out and try to figure out what’s wrong with my feet. I’m staying optimistic and keeping my places in the races I’ve entered for next year so with any luck I’ll be back on here pretty soon. I imagine I’ll still post on the odd occassion anyway, especially when I finish these damned pressups! :-)

See you around.

Merry Christmas.


Last Week: w/c 7th December

December 14, 2009

Do you like my blog-snow? Here’s hoping for some of the real stuff :-)

Wednesday: Basketball this evening. We played an odd version of cricket, did plenty of suicides and then a game so got a proper workout!

Friday: Finally got round to the gym. Started on the treadmill and managed 3k before the pain in my feet stopped me. Decided to stick to the resistance machines for the rest of the session but the treadmill beckoned again on the way out. Only managed 2k this time but at least I ran.

Archery in the evening…didn’t do too well so only stayed for 2 and a half hours.

Sunday: Couldn’t make archery on Saturday because of a doctor’s appointment but made sure I went Sunday as we were shooting 25m instead of the usual 18 and I needed sight settings. I’m hoping to shoot in the Stourbridge Fita 25 on 3rd January so needed the practice. Only stayed for an hour and 50 though as I had to get back in time for basketball…which I got home to find was cancelled again. Never mind, eh?

Total Run: 5km


Last Week: w/c 30th November

December 7, 2009

I had a couple of days of casual work this week, which has reminded me just how organised I’ll need to be to get to the gym after work when I start working full time…

Tuesday: My new gym has TVs attached to the cardio equipment, which is new for me. My initial excitement wore off on the first day when I realised they only had terrestrial channels… and day-time TV is crap. Back to the ipod I went. Today I tried something different by taking my book with me and finishing off the last 70-odd pages while on the recumbent bike (this was perfectly normal at the uni gym but apparently not so much at this one!) Either way, it did the trick and I managed to keep up a reasonable pace. One hour and 15km later I decided to loosen up my quads by doing a couple of kms on the treadmill before stretching and heading home.

Wednesday: We missed the first half an hour of basketball as the gates to the venue were locked. We decided to just play 3 on 3 in the remaining 90 minutes. Was good fun and certainly a good workout!

Friday: Spent a good 3 hours at archery, though that didn’t seem to do much to improve my aim. Lots of reds (and not enough golds) but it’s all good practice.

Saturday: A better day at archery but not great. Scored 550 on a Portsmouth round. Congrats to Dave, who broke his PB with a 551.

Sunday: We had our SCA team photo today, followed by onlly an hour of training due to a booking mix-up. Still, we got in some layups and drills so can’t complain.

Total Run: 2km

Thanks to everyone who gave me their input with regards to Friday’s post about whether or not to run the asics British 10k next year. I had a number of replies on Facebook as well as the ones on the blog. As of today the score is 6-2 for doing it, though I’ll give it a bit more thought before sending off the application form.


The asics British 10K Predicament

December 4, 2009

The asics British 10k I ran in July was a large part of the reason I started this blog. I wanted to have something to show the people that were sponsoring me, increased involvement = larger donations. At least that was the idea. I had deliberately picked a big race in an attempt to create an ‘event’ atmosphere, something to differentiate it from other races I might enter that weren’t fundraisers.

Unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations and, even though I was very impressed at how much money had been rasied for charity, I made a mental note not to enter the race again. Admittedly some of the problems weren’t the fault of the organisers – my cabbie not knowing that the roads were closed and getting me to the start line much later than I’d planned, for example – but many were. The lack of water on such a warm day, the lack of toilets, the very poor map they sent out with the starters pack, the rubbish finishers bag (for £30 odd you’d expect better)… Regardless, I wanted to get the t-shirt to commemorate the fact that I’d raised money for Lupus UK and finished my first 10k. I ordered it 3 days after the race, on the 15th July.

Some of you may have noticed that the medal and t-shirt picture on the ‘Races’ page is still missing. This is because my t-shirt is still missing. Having sent a letter to the race organiser (yes, there’s no phone number or e-mail address, you have to send snail mail) on the 11th October, and another 3 weeks ago, I’ve finally heard back from them today.

They’ve run out of t-shirts.

Frankly, I don’t care about the t-shirt now. It was the principle of the matter (and the £18 I sent them). I got my money back and a letter saying that they never received my original letter, though nothing to say why they never sent my t-shirt. By way of apology they’re giving me free entry to the 2010 event. The question now is do I take it? After saying I wouldn’t do the race again it seems a little hypocritical to enter the following year. Saying that, the letter in the application pack has acknowledged the main problems from last year and has a list of improvements including more toilets, extra water, better baggage areas and a quicker lead up to the start (as well as a free t-shirt).

I’m undecided, and at the moment more occupied with the fact that the problem with my feet might stop me running that far next year. So what say you? What do you think?